Who Are Our Clients

Our clients are technology leaders in the USA, developing market-edge electronics products across the aerospace and automotive, consumer goods, electrical and electronic, and IT industries.

While our non-disclosure agreements with our clients do not allow us to give details about their specific job requirements, you are most welcome to contact us and ask for referrals.

AMREP Mexico is your answer to getting the best quality products with cost- effectiveness, maximum risks prevention, and high supplier reliability. We’ve been in action for over 20 years, defining and re-defining quality standards in Mexico.

With our supplier quality management teams permanently based in China, AMREP Mexico is the only Mexican company with a Mexican presence at the Chinese sources of components.


Suppliers Create Problems

Our customers expect suppliers to supply zero-defect products in good faith and in compliance with manufacturing agreements.


Most times though, suppliers will make unannounced production changes outside the agreement because of changing conditions of production and production inputs. These are some of the things your suppliers might do without informing you:

  • Changes in production methods, materials and sub- suppliers
  • Transfer of production location
  • Re-setting of factory tools and equipment

All this means added costs, delays, poor products, and lost customers for our clients. Our clients use AMREP Mexico to plan for unplanned problems.

Call Isabel @ 1 8 00 692 8539 USA or Ms. Paty Vidana (Mexico) at: +521 3310 522 026