90% of Made in Mexico products for Mexico or for the USA suppliers factories operating under the NAFTA Mexcio/USA trade pact, are made with something imported from China.

90% of Sorting and Containment of incoming defective products can be stopped at the source of manufacture.

90% of your product recalls or “Send back to Sender” material problems can be prevented.

A global Supplier Sources inspection is Quality Control Inspections at your supplier’s factory locations which can be done immediately through one call to our AMREP Mexico or AMREP North America offices.

We have over 400 plus full time (not part-time associates) QC inspectors and SQEs located in most key Chinese industrial cities, in India, and the South East Asian countries.

The AMREP Supplier Management Services group operates under the umbrella ownership of AMREP International Singapore Private Limited. We have over 30 years of experiene in Vendor Quality Management.

We are specialists in electronic assemblies, smart phone products and accessories, medical devices, automotive components, aerospace materials, castings, tools, and mechanical devices in China.

Call Paty at +521 3310 522 026
Isabel @ 1800 6928539

Email: supplyquality@amrepmexico.com


AMREP SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT SERVICES provides Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Supplier (vendor) Quality Assurance work in these countries: China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

Our Asian Inspections and USA–Mexico Networks

The Leader in International Procurement, Outsourcing, and Nearsourcing Quality Control Inspections and Quality Engineering in Asia, China, India, South East Asia and Mexico



Your onsite QC Inspections Portal to Supplier Management Services

We are the leader in Supplier Quality Control and Inspections and Supplier Quality Engineering in China, Mexico, the Asia Pacific and India. We are known as AMREP Supplier Management Services to major USA high technology companies. AMREP provides onsite supplier support to the world’s best in product design, product engineering, and manufacturing.

Through this web portal you can contact our operational offices in these regions for quick corrective QC inspections or pre-shipment inspections. Our "ready for action" Supplier Quality Teams are on call for immediate quality corrective action solutions and supplier problems resolution.

Contact Isabel @ 18006928539 for our Asian and Mexican services.

Hello from AMREP CHINA


We are the China Operations of AMREP Supplier Management Services

We do QC inspections and Supplier Quality Engineering on key China based manufacturers and component suppliers such as FoxConn for the leading technology and product designers from the USA and Europe. We have extensive expertise in consumer electronics, ranging from laptops and smartphones to groundbreaking technologies like wearables and virtual reality headsets.

Our Quality Control inspectors and SQEs are our customer's Quality Representatives. We are our customers’ Quality Control Support base in China for Chinese suppliers. We supply Quality Control Services in China to our customers that do not have QC inspectors in China to inspect products from a single supplier or multiple suppliers in the key coastal industrial cities from Qingdao to Foshan and Inner China.

To find out more on our China based operations or on Supplier projects of importance to you,

Contact Valerie @ +86 755 2783 4426.
Or email to supplyquality@amrepinspect.com



We are AMREP Supplier Management Services in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Hello from AMREP Thailand. We are located in Bangkok and Ayutthaya.

To our USA, European and Indian Customers, we are their Quality Control Inspection specialists in Thailand. We make bad quality better at Thai factories operated by foreign companies such as Calcomp and Benchmark. In Thailand, we have a reputation for being the best, most efficient and productive in managing bad supplier quality in Thailand and minimizing quality risks and costs for our customers.

AMREP Thailand quality control personnel are very experienced. We are responsible for our Quality Inspectors in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We are now training new QC inspectors in Myanmar.

For more information on our services in Thailand, Contact Valerie @ +86 755 2783 4426.
Or email to supplyquality@amrepinspect.com



Hello from our Supplier Management Services Quality Control Teams

AMREP Philippines is one of the earliest Supplier Management Services operations set up to service USA companies using foreign manufacturers in Manila and Cebu. Our QC specialists are the early specialists in quality control for IT and communication products made for IBM, AT&T and other US electronic components designers and producers. When China opened up and customers shifted their production bases there, we provided Supplier Quality Engineers to AMREP China to assist in the training and development of China-based QC teams.

AMREP Philippines continues to provide regional support for our AMREP Supplier Management Service network in Asia and India. We shared our expertise with our overseas offices.

For more information on our current work on electronics and electro-mechanical components contact our AMREP Philippines Customer Service.

Our services in the Philippines are expanding. We are currently looking for new Supplier Quality Engineers with advanced electronics background.

For more information on our services in Philippines, Contact Valerie @ +86 755 2783 4426.
Or email to supplyquality@amrepinspect.com



Welcome to Malaysia’s leading company in Supplier Quality Control and Management Services

We are in Penang where most of Malaysia’s electronics and manufacturing factories are located at Bayan Lepas and surrounding areas. Our QC inspectors are also in Johor Baru and in Kuantan. Our Supplier Quality Engineers have inspected work done by Venture Manufacturing with Jabil in Penang and aerospace materials in Perlis.

AMREP Malaysia has been in operation for 25 years. We are your best QC management teams available for immediate QC and SQE work on local Malaysian and foreign factories making products ranging from electronics, to plastics and rubber materials.

For more information on our services in Malaysia, Contact Valerie @ +86 755 2783 4426.
Or email to supplyquality@amrepinspect.com



Hello and Welcome to AMREP Vendor Inspection Services, Singapore

AMREP Vendor Inspection Services is the Head Office for our Asia-Pacific, China, Mexican and US operations. AMREP Supplier Management Services began in Singapore when it was commissioned to set up IBM’s International Procurement Office, Global Services. We have serviced many USA and European procurement operations in Asia.

We are the proven leaders in the quality management of foreign suppliers with factories in the Asia Pacific region. Years of experience in working with Asian suppliers provided us with knowledge of finding and identifying critical quality issues created by bad factory management and badly trained production workers. Our Supplier Quality Engineers are the most experienced in Quality Engineering in Asia because Asian manufacturing in South East Asia began in Singapore first.

Our SQEs, like most Singaporeans, have a reputation for western trained efficiency and reliability. AMREP Singapore is responsible to our customers for products made by factories in Malaysia, Batam and Java. Hewlett Packard and other major US companies have used our services.

Contact Valerie @ +86 755 2783 4426.
Or email to supplyquality@amrepinspect.com