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Would you like to talk to our Senior SQE located in US on how to do supplier audits of Mexican suppliers prior to He speaks both English and Spanish. Get a CV of Victor Quinta for skills comparison. Contact Isabel@ 1 800 692 8539 to arrange for a discussion on managing Mexican.

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AMREP Tijuana has proposed to Foxconn Tijuana that continuous Sorting and Containment plan on incoming material can eliminated with source inspection of its Chinese suppliers with AMREP China’s QC inspectors stationed at the Chinese factory and paid by the factory.


Before we do our QC work we like to help you

Plan for Supplier Selection: Plan for Quality Control: Inspect for Quality:

Factory Auditing:  We are the best in auditing Mexican factories for compliance to US manufacturing standards and expectations. Our Factory auditors are senior Mexican SQE engineers with many years of experience in the changing industrial development of Mexico. We worked with electronics assembly subcontractors in Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey, Chihuahua and automotive components suppliers in the Toluca, Querétaro regions. We audit for compliance to FDA, GMPs, QS9000 and aerospace standards.

Process Audits:  Factory auditing is auditing a Mexican factory for technological and manufacturing capabilities to meet your production standards. We know that factories comply to the standards as required by ISO9000 certification. Production processes are more complex and are the causes of many critical quality issues. In Mexico, Mexican managers are not the best trained for/ and prepared for managing quality and production. Process audits are audits on the processes and process management of Mexican managements. USA companies used us because we know USA manufacturing standards.

Production Quality Control:  There are many forms of Quality Control. We can do Final Random Inspection or Pre-shipment Inspection of a single production line. Or we can position QC teams at different production stations for effective QC checks for product design or process changes. Or problems resolutions of incoming material inventory for production line usage with Incoming Material Quality Inspection .

Quality Control at Source is Quality Control inspections of Tier 1, 2, 3 suppliers by Quality Control inspectors stationed at production sources in China and other states in Mexico. AMREP Mexico has QC inspectors based at the supplier factory premises stopping, sorting, and containing incoming material from Chinese suppliers or distributors. It is the only Mexican Quality Control company with Mexican and Chinese inspectors in China working together on integrated, global quality management solutions. Check out AMREP China.

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Project News: Major Canadian Electronic maker move 60% of its special toys production to Mexico for near sourcing reasons. AMREP China transfer its Supplier Quality Control responsibility to AMREP Mexico. AMREP Mexico now has several QC teams working on different Mexican suppliers of plastics parts; electronic components and final packaging.

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