We provide you the effective Supplier Quality Control which you never get from your Manufacturer

How AMREP Mexico do Pre-Delivery and Pre-shipment Inspections on Suppliers

The QC Company with Immediate QC Solutions

AMREP Mexico’s Quality Control services give you the ground controls, monitors, and real-time information you need to make your Mexican suppliers deliver their promises to you. We are your enforcement mechanisms.


With our staff deployed as your Customer Quality Representatives at your suppliers’ premises and constantly monitoring their work, we are always ready to deliver immediate responses to any deviations your supplier might make. We’re always there to solve production problems as they arise.


Inside This Issue

  1. Continuous Selective Random Line inspections during production
  2. Selective components and Product Testing and inspection for assembly (FMEA)
  3. Incoming material inspections for production usage
  4. Final Random or 100% End of Line Product Inspection
  5. Corrective Actions

We call this Rapid Response Supplier Quality Risk Control.


Make AMREP Mexico your external Quality Assurance Team. We are your Customer Quality Representatives at your suppliers’ premises. Always there to monitor production issues. And always present to provide immediate customer feedback on unannounced Supplier Engineering Change Notifications.

You’ve thought through your procurement strategy. You’ve anticipated and prepared for production issues. You’ve conducted your supplier audits and assessments with great diligence.

No matter how perfect your Mexican outsourcing plans and preparation are, things will go wrong. Why?

4 simple reasons:

  • Mexican Suppliers Basic Law- If the customer is away, do things the Mexican way.
  • Murphy’s Law – " If nothing can go wrong, it will anyway"
  • What you see before is not what you get NOW
  • The Supplier always takes Short Cuts.

Contact Ms. Isabel Ingco (USA) at: 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or Ms. Paty Vidana (Mexico) at: +521 3310 522 026
Email: supplyquality@amrepmexico.com