MEXICO AUTOMOTIVE QUALITY CONTROL  is a specialized automotive division with SQE and QC work on automotive components from electronic dashboards, rubber and machined parts to wire harnesses. AMREPMexico Automotive is located at the Queretaro Automotive cluster cites of Toluca, San Luis Potosi, Mexico City and Guanajuato. We do QS9000/TS16949 system audits and supplier compliance to IPC and Rohm requirements.

Project News:

Volvo trucks has upgraded its to Mexican automotive supplier in Queretaro to its approved supplier status. Volvo has expressed its appreciation to our Senior Automotive SQE Raul Carmago for helping the supplier to improve its quality status. Volvo has used Raul for 3 years.

Do you need to talk to our SQE on how to manage your Supplier Quality in Mexico?? You can talk to our US based senior SQE on electronics or to our Senior SQE at Queretaro on automotive components. Call Isabel@ 1 800 6928539 or Paty in Mexico @ +52 1 3310522026

Supplier Sourcing through Supply Information Exchange in Mexico with Procurement Engineering support

We Find You The Suppliers You Can Trust

Finding a supplier which can satisfy your strategic sourcing needs can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. With hundreds of suppliers out there in Mexico and China all claiming to have ISO and product certifications, on-time production, and comprehensive quality assurance programs, how do you find the ones who really mean and do what they say?

If you’re just starting out and are new to supplier outsourcing, it’s a daunting process. What are the things that you should look for in a supplier? How should you negotiate your sourcing agreements? Which are the suppliers willing to do small production runs? Most suppliers are only interested in serving big clients with large production needs.

Getting the right suppliers saves you time and wastage. It’s the first step to cost-effective, reliable, and high quality supplier sourcing and product manufacturing.

AMREP Mexico’s extensive experience in working with Mexican suppliers positions us perfectly to help you find the right supplier for your product. We know the inside story of the manufacturing landscape – we know what Mexican suppliers specialise in, their track records, their production capabilities, their business commitment, customer dedication, and their reliability.

We know who are the ones who can perform and who can’t. We know the suppliers who are willing to work with small innovative companies.

Mexico and China are manufacturing wonderlands – if you can find the right supplier to work for you. They can also become nightmares very quickly if you are unfamiliar with the manufacturing scene or find the wrong suppliers.



  • Procurement Engineers that search, identify, and qualify new suppliers’ manufacturing capabilities for outsourcing to the different Asian countries.
  • Supplier Quality Engineers to check on the quality control management by suppliers with production contracts with IBM.

We know everything about outsourcing production to offshore suppliers in China and Mexico.

Now our USA IPOs (Emerson, GE, Harbor Group) customers are given Supplier Score Cards and quality performance reports with on the ground feedback from our Quality Control Inspectors and SQEs who are stationed onsite with their suppliers.

Talk to our Supplier Procurement Engineer on
how we can make supplier selection easier for you.
Call Isabel @ 1800 692 8539

There is no single simple solution to finding the right supplier who is reliable and can deliver high quality. There are many solutions to preventing quality and production problems created by the supplier you selected, one of them is using a Procurement Engineer to evaluate the supplier’s capabilities in your supplier search.

Talk to AMREP Mexico on how to find the right supplier.

Don’t let your supplier become your liability!

Contact Ms. Isabel Ingco (USA) at: 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or Ms. Paty Vidana (Mexico) at: +521 3310 522 026