Project News:

Volvo trucks has upgraded its Mexican automotive supplier in Queretaro to its approved supplier status. Volvo has expressed its appreciation to our Senior Automotive SQE Raul Carmago for helping the supplier to improve its quality status. Volvo has used Raul for 3 years.

Supplier Quality Engineering

Most Mexican companies and universities do not train their production managers in Quality or Production Management. Such training is usually only provided by USA and European managers who are based at the Mexican factories.

Our Supplier Quality Engineers are the most experienced Quality Control and Quality Management specialists in Mexico with technical capabilities in production technologies for automotive components, electronic assemblies, smartphones, custom engineered products from plastics, metals, rubber and machined parts. Our SQEs have worked for such companies as Plantronics, Philips, SONY, FORD, TYCO Electronics, and Toyota who are operating in Mexico.


Supplier Qualification and Evaluation: Our SQEs have material, production and manufacturing experiences in plastics, metal, rubber and machined parts. With these they can assess a suppliers’ capabilities with a factory visit. Compare this with your purchasing people manufacturing and technical knowledge.


Experts in Factory Auditing. Anyone can audit a factory's compliance to ISO 9000. AMREP Mexico's audits are the only ones conducted by senior SQEs with production expertise and which include examining the suppliers work processes to ensure compliance to standards and certifications.


Quality Problems Resolution: You do not need a Mexican Quality Manager with strong educational degrees or unproven CVs on past experiences to solve critical quality issues with your suppliers. Our SQEs have proven manufacturing experiences in most production technologies. Older and more practical. Check up on them.

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Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis. Critical quality issues are caused by material, design or production mistakes. Our manufacturing and production SQE specialists are good at tracing critical quality issues coming in from lower tier suppliers, production processes or customer design changes.

Call us for FMEA solutions for customers.

SQE Services include:

  • Quality data collection and analysis
  • Feedback to vendor and supplier
  • Root cause identification
  • Training, managing and directing QC inspection team
  • FMEA and Tear Down analysis
  • Production management
  • SPC data collection
  • Conformance to bill of materials examination
  • Production machinery examination
  • Calibration analysis
  • Sub-vendors examination
  • Quality systems development and management
  • Corrective actions development and implementation

Do you need to talk to our SQE on how to manage your Supplier Quality in Mexico?? You can talk to our US based senior SQE on electronics or to our Senior SQE at Queretaro on automotive components. Call Isabel@ 1 800 6928539 or Paty in Mexico @ +52 1 3310522026

Proactive Quality Risk Management

If you are making advanced technology products with complex circuitry and sophisticated components sourced from multiple suppliers, you’re going to need vigorous investigative tools and techniques that can deeply examine production processes, machinery, quality systems and product designs to find quality problems.

You’re going to need quality management that goes beyond standard quality control and quality assurance procedures to proactively prevent quality risk. Preventing quality problems is far cheaper and easier to fix than responding to them.

At AMREP Mexico, our Supplier Quality Engineers (SQEs) are no ordinary electrical or mechanical engineers. They’re specialists in their engineering fields and in quality control systems, methods, tools, standards, testing, management, and implementation techniques. Their expertise is in engineering from product and service quality evaluation and control perspectives.

Our SQEs have the same quality objective as you have: Achieve customer satisfaction by embedding quality within the entire product lifecycle – right from the design and manufacturing stages, to final assembly processes and product support, including the supply chain.

Here’s an example of how our SQEs work:


Our SQEs are your second line of defense against critical quality issues and threats to your outsourced production and procurement projects. We ensure that your supplier gets quality right from the start, saving you time, energy and expenditure from having to stop production, inspect, and re-inspect products.

When it comes to complex electronic products like smartphones and tablets, the further they are along the production line, the deeper defects are buried and hidden from view.

Contact us today to find the perfect level of SQE support for your product.

Contact Ms. Isabel Ingco (USA) at: 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or Ms. Paty Vidana (Mexico) at: +521 3310 522 026