We have 30 years of Factory Audit experience from working wih US customers who have different products and key factory performance factors to check on. Our Procurement Engineers and Supplier Quality Engineers use comparative Factory Audits checklists to assess your suppliers. We audit key factors and processes critical to your supplier's production performance.

A Factory Audit is a Risk, Cost and Value Audit

We have over 15 years of auditing factories in Mexico. To audit Mexican Management well, we have Spanish speaking auditor that understand Mexican Management culture. Our Senior SQEs and Procurement Engineers are Spanish speaking Americans or Mexicans that have worked in USA factories such as Sony, Plantronics, Philips, Volvo, Ford and more.

We invite you to do a phone interview of our USA based SQE or Procurement Engineer. Or ask for referrals. Call Isabel @ 1 8 00 692 8539 USA.

Or talk to a Senior Mexican SQE in Mexico. Contact Paty@ +521 3310 522 026 Mexico.

A Factory Audit Report on your suppliers adds value to your information data collection of your new supplier's conformance and compliance to your manufacturing standards. A Factory Audit by AMREP Mexico is a strategic Risk, Cost and Value Added Audit of your potential supplier.

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We audit best when we know your critical key features that have significant impact on your product, with comparative Factory Audit analysis.

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